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  1. #1 DC 96%
  2. Soul Calibur
  3. Release Date: 1999-09-10
  4. Publisher: Namco
  5. Genre: Fighting

  6. Featuring graphics that surpass even the amazing NFL 2K, Soul Calibur is the martial arts fighting game to end all fighting games and the game to get if you're a Dreamcast owner. Based on the arcade classic of the same name, Soul Calibur lets you choose to represent one of 10 fighters in a series of battles against your peers. If you can successfully defeat all of your opponents, you will then face the fiendish Inferno in a final showdown that will determine the fate of the world. Each of the game's warriors is armed with a different deadly wea...

  7. #2 DC 94%
  8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
  9. Release Date: 2000-11-06
  10. Publisher: Activision
  11. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  12. Ride as Tony Hawk or as 12 other pro skaters in a variety of skate parks in the long-awaited N64 version, which features a 3D skatepark editor, create-your own skater, and additional multiplayer modes....

  13. #3 DC 94%
  14. NFL 2K1
  15. Release Date: 2000-09-05
  16. Publisher: Sega
  17. Genre: Sports / Football

  18. Ultrarealistic football game with updated pro leagues, players, and stadiums Enhanced artificial intelligence for stronger defense More than 1,700 moves featuring motion-capture animation for realistic gameplay Manage your favorite team in franchise mode Play against up to 8 other Dreamcast owners via the Internet...

  19. #4 DC 93%
  20. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
  21. Release Date: 2000-06-30
  22. Publisher: Crave
  23. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  24. Skate as the legendary Tony Hawk, or as one of nine other top pros. Work your way up the ranks by landing suicidal tricks in brutal competitions to become the best skater on the circuit. It's time to go pro. Pull off hundreds of motion-captured move combo’s on the fly with super-smooth controls. Nail insane airs, grabs, slides, grinds, kick-flips and landing tricks....

  25. #5 DC 91%
  26. Jet Grind Radio
  27. Release Date: 2000-10-30
  28. Publisher: Sega
  29. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  30. No Description Available....

  31. #6 DC 91%
  32. Rayman 2: The Great Escape
  33. Release Date: 2000-03-17
  34. Publisher: Ubisoft
  35. Genre: Platform

  36. No Description Available....

  37. #7 DC 91%
  38. NBA 2K2
  39. Release Date: 2001-10-22
  40. Publisher: Sega
  41. Genre: Sports / Basketball

  42. Play head-to-head with up to eight people online while tracking wins and losses nationally, or take a shot against smarter A.I. defense with improved team rotation and rebounding. Also available are urban playground courts including Oakland's Mosswood Park....

  43. #8 DC 91%
  44. Skies of Arcadia
  45. Release Date: 2000-11-13
  46. Publisher: Sega
  47. Genre: RPG

  48. Imagine a world in which people live on islands, float through the air, and use masterfully engineered sky-ships to travel from place to place. Follow the adventures of the young hero Vyse as he journeys through uncharted skies to discover new continents and explore mystical ruins. Accompanied by Aika and Fina, he will wage battles against savage monsters, evil pirates, and a powerful enemy nation. Skies of Arcadia delivers a brilliantly animated cast of characters, monsters, and villains, along with astounding 3-D graphic environments and a wo...

  49. #9 DC 90%
  50. Shenmue 2
  51. Release Date: 2001-12-03
  52. Publisher: Sega
  53. Genre: Action / Adventure

  54. Ryo Hazuki's epic adventure is reborn once again as he arrives in the bay of Hong Kong, continuing the quest to avenge his father's murder by the mysterious Lan Di. Determined to unravel the mystery behind the Phoenix mirror, his journey takes him through a 3D world almost three times larger than the original, visiting Taoist temples, magical forests, mountainous wilderness and mysterious caves to name but a few. However, a new navigational system allows you to map out your current location and mark areas you visit for ease of reference. With o...

  55. #10 DC 90%
  56. Resident Evil: Code Veronica
  57. Release Date: 2000-02-28
  58. Publisher: Capcom
  59. Genre: Survival

  60. The Terror is Relentless It stalks its prey with cunning. Its reflexes... lightning fast... its power... terrifying. Now it's after you! You are Claire Redfield as her next nightmare begins in the most chilling game series of all time. Experience a new chapter in survival horror. After surviving the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire now arrives in Europe following new clues regarding her missing brother and Umbrella Corporation's insidious activities. Once inside Umbrella's remote lab, she discovers that her terrifying ordeal is far...