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Worst 100 Dreamcast Games

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  1. #1 DC 26%
  2. Spirit of Speed 1937
  3. Release Date: 2000-07-31
  4. Publisher: Acclaim
  5. Genre: Sports / Racing

  6. Spirit of Speed 1937 features 15 historic cars on 9 authentic race circuits from around the world. ...

  7. #2 DC 29%
  8. ESPN NBA 2Night
  9. Release Date: 2000-11-20
  10. Publisher: Konami
  11. Genre: Sports / Basketball

  12. No Description Available....

  13. #3 DC 30%
  14. Ducati World Racing Challenge
  15. Release Date: 2001-02-13
  16. Publisher: Acclaim
  17. Genre: Sports / Racing

  18. Ducati World Racing Challenge comes to the consoles! Featuring the entire range of Ducati bikes - past and present - Ducati Racing includes arcade yet realistic physics, and the utmost attention to the rich Ducati lifestyle....

  19. #4 DC 32%
  20. MTV Sports: Skateboarding
  21. Release Date: 2000-11-09
  22. Publisher: THQ
  23. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  24. Andy Macdonald is here to show us that Tony Hawk didn't invent the skateboard. In MTV Sports: Skateboarding, you can play as Macdonald--or nearly 30 other professional and fictitious skaters--and try to work your way up the rankings. Since everyone is looking for tricks, mastering them will win you prizes and endorsements, as well as slots in higher-profile competitions. MTV Sports: Skateboarding comes with more than 40 levels, which will take you to both indoor and outdoor arenas, and 60 different tricks, which can be grouped into your own ...

  25. #5 DC 38%
  26. NFL Quarterback Club 2001
  27. Release Date: 2000-07-31
  28. Publisher: Acclaim
  29. Genre: Sports / Football

  30. Get past the broadly sketched X and O graphics of past football simulation games with the finely detailed NFL Quarterback Club 2001. Precision artificial intelligence (AI) brings out the chess aspects of the game without taking away any of the sport's brute power. The team-management functions let you draft rookies and sign, trade, and release players, all while managing your salary cap. There are 31 team-specific playbooks to work from, or you can create your own playbook--heck, you can even create your own players and team! You can also settl...

  31. #6 DC 38%
  32. Roadsters
  33. Release Date: 2000-02-28
  34. Publisher: Titus Games
  35. Genre: Sports / Racing

  36. No Description Available....

  37. #7 DC 39%
  38. Caesars Palace 2000
  39. Release Date: 2000-09-24
  40. Publisher: Interplay
  41. Genre: Casino/Gambling

  42. No Description Available....

  43. #8 DC 39%
  44. South Park Rally
  45. Release Date: 2000-06-30
  46. Publisher: Acclaim
  47. Genre: Sports / Racing

  48. artman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and all your favorite residents of the town of South Park hit the streets in dozens of sweet vehicles in South Park Rally, a mix of kart-style racing and the peculiar lunacy native to the animated TV comedy. Cartman patrols on his police tricycle, Chef cruises in his miniature station wagon, and Grandpa rockets in his jet-powered wheelchair through tracks in the South Park forest, Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary, and downtown South Park. Avoid such obstacles as cows and explosive diarrhea while looking for multi...

  49. #9 DC 40%
  50. Ring, The
  51. Release Date: 2000-08-22
  52. Publisher: Atari
  53. Genre: Survival

  54. No Description Available....

  55. #10 DC 40%
  56. Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000
  57. Release Date: 2000-08-08
  58. Publisher: Acclaim
  59. Genre: Sports / Racing

  60. Race as--or against--supercross superstar Jeremy "Showtime" McGrath in this 3-D motocross simulator. Your bike is sure to catch as much air as it does mud on eight licensed motocross tracks, including Glen Helen, Red Bud, Spring Creek, and Washougal. Also included are eight stadium courses and a 3-D track editor. So go ahead and carve the dirt in the most bone-breaking ways and invite some friends (the game supports up to four players) to show you what they're made of. Motion-captured animation creates realistic stunts--and crashes. ...