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  1. #1 GBA 93%
  2. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
  3. Release Date: 2002-02-11
  4. Publisher: Nintendo
  5. Genre: Platform

  6. Mario hasn't even had a chance to savor his victory in the original Super Mario Advance, and already he's back for more in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. This game is a perfect recreation of the Super NES classic Super Mario World, featuring every last secret exit and all 74 levels of platform-jumping joy....

  7. #2 GBA 93%
  8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
  9. Release Date: 2001-05-30
  10. Publisher: Activision
  11. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  12. Ride with the skills of Tony Hawk, the most recognized skateboarding pro of all time. Or, skate as one of 13 pros or create a character from scratch. Master signature pro moves and hundreds of new tricks including nose/tailslides, nose/bluntslides, lip tricks, nollies, manuals and more. Design your own dream park in Real-Time 3D, using a variety of ramps, funboxes, rails and more. Multiple play modes include 1-player career and free skate modes as well as 2-player modes such as trick attack, graffiti, tag and horse. Ride to a killer soundtra...

  13. #3 GBA 92%
  14. Advance Wars
  15. Release Date: 2001-09-10
  16. Publisher: Nintendo
  17. Genre: Strategy / Turn Based Strategy

  18. Don't be deceived by the manga style graphics and easy-to-learn game play-- Advance Wars is a deep and complex strategy game that has created a big stir in Japan, where they take their strategy games very seriously. In fact, games in the "Wars" series from Nintendo have appeared there on Game Boy and Super Famicom. Advance Wars is the first taste most North American gamers will have of the series, and the game is a virtual smorgasboard for strategy fans of all levels of ability....

  19. #4 GBA 92%
  20. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  21. Release Date: 2001-08-26
  22. Publisher: Nintendo
  23. Genre: Sports / Racing

  24. Whoever hands out driver's licenses in the Mushroom Kingdom is about to be in some serious trouble. Classic Mario Kart action is back once again, this time in a colorful, lightning-fast game that you can take anywhere. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Wario, Yoshi and Bowser are all tearing up the track, tossing Koopa Shells and laying banana peels along the way. Mario Kart: Super Circuit puts your driving skills to the test on 40 tracks, each littered with wild weapons and obstacles. Feel like making some friends eat your dust? No problem. Fo...

  25. #5 GBA 92%
  26. Metroid Fusion
  27. Release Date: 2002-11-20
  28. Publisher: Nintendo
  29. Genre: Action / Adventure

  30. Metroid Fusion is a side-scrolling action game that's more in line with the series' NES origin than its GameCube contemporary, the first-person action game Metroid Prime. In this one, players take the bounty hunter Samus on an extermination mission through a research facility to kill X parasites--nasty creatures that absorb and assimilate the powers of their host. After she survived an X attack through the use of a vaccine made with X parasite DNA, she can now absorb the parasites to regain health and obtain special powers, like the morph ball,...

  31. #6 GBA 92%
  32. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  33. Release Date: 2002-12-03
  34. Publisher: Nintendo
  35. Genre: Action / Adventure

  36. Return to an age of magic and heroes! The elegant Princess Zelda calls for Link's help to restore the Triforce and defeat Ganon. When Zelda learns that Ganon has acquired a piece of the Triforce, she hides the remaining pieces in an effort to save Hyrule. Thus, the adventure begins! ...

  37. #7 GBA 91%
  38. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
  39. Release Date: 2003-10-21
  40. Publisher: Nintendo
  41. Genre: Platform

  42. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. marks the GBA debut of a legendary NES classic that rewrote the book on 2D gaming and became the best-selling game of all time. A combination of flawless platforming action, wild power-ups and trademark Mario style has earned Super Mario Bros. 3 a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere. In fact, it is so beloved that Mario fans have made Super Mario Bros. 3 the best-selling game of all time! With the release of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, you'll have your chance to partak...

  43. #8 GBA 90%
  44. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
  45. Release Date: 2002-09-25
  46. Publisher: Nintendo
  47. Genre: Platform

  48. Baby-sitting a whiny newborn is about as fun as a head cold on the first day of summer vacation. But when Baby Mario falls from the sky, the Yoshis seize the opportunity to do a lot more than change diapers. The big-hearted Yoshis vow to reunite Baby Mario with his twin brother on the far side of the island. It won't be easy, but the Yoshis are determined to take on a meddling Magikoopa and his entire cast of underhanded underlings....

  49. #9 GBA 90%
  50. Golden Sun
  51. Release Date: 2001-11-15
  52. Publisher: Nintendo
  53. Genre: RPG

  54. Ace developer Camelot forges an epic story of good vs. evil, brilliant graphics, a great combat system and even a multiplayer vs. mode into a stunning RPG. Golden Sun transpires in a world shared by two immense continents, Angara and Gondowan. Here alchemy rules and rare individuals called Adepts have mastered Psynergy, or the ability to telekinetically move items and attack. As the game begins, two villainous mages hatch a diabolical plot to use four Elemental Stones to wreak unspeakable horror on Angara. And so Isaac and his fellow Adepts ...

  55. #10 GBA 90%
  56. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
  57. Release Date: 2002-03-04
  58. Publisher: Activision
  59. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  60. You may not be able to live like the legend, but now you can skate like him! Skate as the legendary Tony Hawk or choose from a dream team of 12 top pro skaters, including old favorites like Lasek, Thomas, Muska, and Steamer, as well as new talent like Gilfberg, Caballero, Koston and Mullen. Or enjoy full customization abilities with the enhanced Create-a-Skater (now including female skaters) and the Skatepark Editor. Travel from L.A. to Tokyo, Suburbia to Skater's Island performing challenges and meeting goals. And check out all the incredib...