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Worst 100 Gameboy Advance Games

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  1. #1 GBA 23%
  2. Thunder Alley
  3. Release Date: 2004-06-08
  4. Publisher: XS Games
  5. Genre: Sports / Racing

  6. Thunder Alley is a realistic stock car racing game with high action and fun tracks. You can choose from 8 drivers, including characters from the hit games Ten Pin Alley and Ten Pin Alley 2....

  7. #2 GBA 26%
  8. Zoey 101
  9. Release Date: 2007-03-02
  10. Publisher: THQ
  11. Genre: Adventure

  12. It's the start of a new semester at Pacifica Coast Academy, and everyone's stuck in their own cliques. Help Zoey and her friends bring the whole school together for an awesome party! * Survive the hallways during prank week! * Cruise around P.C.A. on a Jet-X! * Become a pro in chemistry class! * Multiple endings based on the decisions you make in the game * Dozens of re-playable minigames including dance-offs, sports, scooter races, and more * Interact with all your favorite characters from the TV show!...

  13. #3 GBA 27%
  14. Mucha Lucha! Mascaritas of the Lost Code
  15. Release Date: 2003-11-21
  16. Publisher: Ubisoft
  17. Genre: Platform

  18. Someone stole the Code of Masked Wrestling. Now it's up to the three mascaritas to recover the book and save masked wrestling. ...

  19. #4 GBA 27%
  20. Legends of Wrestling II
  21. Release Date: 2002-11-26
  22. Publisher: Acclaim
  23. Genre: Sports / Wrestling

  24. Legends of Wrestling II is the exciting follow up to the holiday 2001 smash taking you through the ultimate wrestling hall of fame, with the top grapplers battling for squared circle supremacy!...

  25. #5 GBA 30%
  26. Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour
  27. Release Date: 2006-10-02
  28. Publisher: DSI Games
  29. Genre: Sports / Basketball

  30. Harlem Globetrotters® World Tour For more than 80 years, the "Clown Princes" of the hardwood, have thrilled and delighted worldwide audiences; more than 123,000,000 spectators in 118 countries have witnessed basketball, Harlem Globetrotters style. Now, the Globetrotters, the world's greatest showmen, take their high-flying athleticism, and audacious antics off the road, and right into your home for an exciting game of 2 on 2 hoops!...

  31. #6 GBA 32%
  32. Ten Pin Alley 2
  33. Release Date: 2004-04-05
  34. Publisher: XS Games
  35. Genre: Sports / Bowling

  36. PlayStation’s Greatest Hit’s Ten Pin Alley has returned with its pin shaking, wall crashing cast of bowling characters, this time on Gameboy Advance! The game features: eight characters, four environments, six game modes including Attack and Pinball Bowling, multi-player functions, outrageous one-liners, characters that taunt each other while playing and it’s a great party game! ...

  37. #7 GBA 33%
  38. XS Moto
  39. Release Date: 2004-04-30
  40. Publisher: XS Games
  41. Genre: Sports / Racing

  42. Based on the publisher's eponymous 2002 release for PlayStation, XS Moto offers fullthrottle motorcycle racing with a variety of bike, track, difficulty, and play mode options.As players demonstrate their virtual riding skills, addition options are... unlocked, to challenge them further. ...

  43. #8 GBA 33%
  44. NFL Blitz 2003
  45. Release Date: 2002-08-12
  46. Publisher: Midway
  47. Genre: Sports / Football

  48. What's Football Without The Blitz? Sack up and get ready for the blitz! Blazing back onto the field is NFL Blitz 20-03, a gridiron firestorm of hard hits, outrageous moves, flying tackles, and things usually left to the imagination. Bring some courage and your mouthpiece 'cause things just got serious. ...

  49. #9 GBA 33%
  50. Yu-Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective
  51. Release Date: 2003-12-12
  52. Publisher: Atari
  53. Genre: RPG

  54. From the people that brought you the smash hit Dragon Ball Z®, Yu Yu Hakusho® tells the saga of Yusuke Urameshi and his struggle for redemption as he battles evil in both the universe of the living and the spirit world. In Spirit Detective, players guide Yusuke through exciting adventures taken directly from the popular series, chronicling the first third of the hero’s 112-episode animated journey. Play as any one of 6 characters from the show, battle all the most intense enemies, and make Yusuke's quest your own. Coming, December 2003, only on...

  55. #10 GBA 34%
  56. Street Jam Basketball
  57. Release Date: 2004-03-10
  58. Publisher: Destination Software
  59. Genre: Sports / Basketball

  60. Kiss The Dream! Street Jam Basketball features three-on-three streetball. Select your team from a roster of over 40 different characters and enter the dodgy world of streetball. Your aim is to win all illegal tournaments held in various locations of the downtown....