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Worst 100 Gameboy Color Games

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  1. #1 GBC 35%
  2. NBA Jam 2001
  3. Release Date: 2000-12-04
  4. Publisher: Acclaim
  5. Genre: Sports / Basketball

  6. No Description Available....

  7. #2 GBC 36%
  8. Ultimate Paintball
  9. Release Date: 2000-09-15
  10. Publisher: Atari
  11. Genre: Shooter

  12. No need to spend big bucks to transform yourself into a weekend warrior--simply load Ultimate Paintball onto your Game Boy Color and experience one of the most unique recreational pastimes in the comfort of your own home (fatigues and eye protection optional). As in the version with real paint pellet (ow!) weapons, players compete against computer opponents in an attempt to capture the other team's flag. With multiple levels of gameplay, realistic environments, and four types of paint ball weapons, you'll feel like you're right in the action. ...

  13. #3 GBC 37%
  14. Mask of Zorro
  15. Release Date: 2000-01-14
  16. Publisher: Electro Source Inc.
  17. Genre: Action / Adventure

  18. Relive the excitement; the swordplay and the daring action of the hit Hollywood blockbuster; " the Mask of Zorro." Run. Jump. Swing. and fight through more than 30 colorful levels of challenge as Zorro; the legendary masked hero of Old California. It will take a quick mind; a strong body; and a lightning blade to defeat the scheming Don Rafael Montero and return California to its people. You'llhave to master daring stunts; expore cavernous mines; and duel with hordes of the greatest swordsman the world has ever known. Dare to face the danger an...

  19. #4 GBC 37%
  20. Rugrats In Paris
  21. Release Date: 2000-11-16
  22. Publisher: THQ
  23. Genre: Action / Adventure

  24. When Stu gets the call to come repair the Reptar robot at EuroReptarland, an impromptu trip to Paris becomes the setting for Chuckie's search for a new mommy. Based on the feature film of the same name, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie features the characters from the TV show, including Tommy, Phil, Angelica, Kimi, and more. Your job is to explore 16 levels and try to make Chuckie's wish come true. Be on the lookout for several bonus levels along the way and minigames, such as Chuckie Chan Dojo and Reptar vs. Robosnail. ...

  25. #5 GBC 37%
  26. Dogz
  27. Release Date: 2000-01-01
  28. Publisher: Mindscape
  29. Genre: Simulation

  30. No wet, sloppy kisses, sure, but your virtual Fifi doesn't leave any stinky presents, either. Fans of the still-percolating genre of virtual pets get tossed a bone with Mindscape's canine Pak. You can try out each of the three varieties (Chihuahua, Scottie and mutt) before adopting. After bringing a pup home, tend it carefully, keeping track of its hunger, energy, affection, health, grooming and, most important of all, happiness. The supply shelf -- accessible by pressing Select -- is stocked with a brush, sleeping pillow, bowls of water ...

  31. #6 GBC 37%
  32. Catz
  33. Release Date: 2000-01-01
  34. Publisher: Mindscape
  35. Genre: Simulation

  36. No Description Available....

  37. #7 GBC 39%
  38. Evel Knievel
  39. Release Date: 2000-01-01
  40. Publisher: Take2 Interactive
  41. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  42. Evel Knievel performed most of his death-defying motorcycle stunts in the 1960's and 70's. 30 years later, his name is still synonymous with danger. You can get a taste of life on the wild side as you hurl Evel and his motorcycle through 20 insane stages....

  43. #8 GBC 41%
  44. Croc: Legend of the Gobbo's
  45. Release Date: 2000-06-06
  46. Publisher: THQ
  47. Genre: Platform

  48. Run, swim, jump, race, fly and climb your way through 4 huge worlds – Forest, Ice, Desert and Castle - collecting coloured crystals, saving your Gobbo friends! More than 40 enemies defend the games’ 28 large levels plus 4 tough bosses, including Baron Dante, are waiting to thwart your journey! There are loads of secret areas and sub-game challenges in every level. With over 30 different environments to explore, Croc will have to navigate his way through mazes; slide over slippery ice slopes and muddy swamps; hitch a ride on cable cars; zip a...

  49. #9 GBC 41%
  50. Pong: The Next Level
  51. Release Date: 2000-01-13
  52. Publisher: Majesco Games
  53. Genre: Arcade

  54. Sure, Pong may not seem like a lot today--two paddles batting a ball back and forth within a box--but it's actually more than 40 years of video game history in the palm of your hands. Willy Higinbotham created an abstract tennis game with an old oscilloscope and some vacuum tubes way back in 1958. Now, decades later, the concept that once required a university mainframe computer and probably enough electricity to smelt aluminum is now small enough to fit in your handheld. What's more, Pong has been updated for the Game Boy Color with Pong: ...

  55. #10 GBC 41%
  56. X-Men: Mutant Academy
  57. Release Date: 2000-06-30
  58. Publisher: Activision
  59. Genre: Fighting

  60. How about a little mutant mano a mano? The X-men, who've been honing their street-fighting proficiencies in comic books since the 1960s, get their own one-on-one fighting game for the Game Boy Color in X-Men: Mutant Academy. As this is an academy, the idea is for the 10 selectable X-men to learn how to best use their mutant powers, such as Wolverine and his metal claws or Storm and her lightning bolts. Professor X is there to help out with a friendly word of advice. Once you've mastered your skills, combos, and special moves, take them to the f...