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Fifth Disciple


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Fifth Disciple - PC
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Fifth Disciple


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Role Playing Game

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Nearly ten years have passed since the events which took place in the Skeldal Tower on the Island kingdom of Rovenland, events which brought the world to the brink of destruction. Back then, six adventurers fulfilled their mission, and as the Sword of Retaliation killed the first of the demons emerging from the gate to the forbidden dimension of Zohar, the world was free to exhale in relief. Afterwards, of the six adventurers only Warrior Wahargem returned to the great continent and was hailed by the king as a hero, presented with great honors and allowed special privileges. Too early, though, did he show that a hero could also be a villainÖ.

Our story unfolds in the royal city of Moharn, the capital of the great kingdom of Arte. The leading character, Engeor, is a student at the University of Magic and the son of a country nobleman, who can only just afford to pay for his sonís studies. Engeorís peaceful student life changes when he becomes another random victim of Wahargemís tyranny, which is tolerated by the king. Engeor must then face his lifeís greatest challenge and learn many things before bringing freedom back to himself and to the people of his noble royal city.

The Fifth Disciple is a fine synthesis of two popular computer game styles: point-and-click adventure and fantasy RPG. The game combines the two styles in a way very similar to table games where players are heroes who complete logic and story tasks as well as fight in battles with enemies. The game alternates between solving problems through objects and communication with other characters, and move-by-move battling. The player takes on the character of Engeor, and for every task solved and enemy defeated, he is given additional experience, which can be used to improve one of 25 available spells. Those can be applied in the course of the game during combat as well as in the adventure parts.

Key features:

# Turn based fighting with magical spells
# Cut-scenes to help visualize the action / story
# Point click adventure
# Full audio interaction with game characters
# Fantasy adventure with RPG features
# Deep fulfilling story

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