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Imperial Wars


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Imperial Wars - PC
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Imperial Wars

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1C Company

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Strategy / Turn Based Strategy

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Looking for a new kind of game? One that will fit your lifestyle, not devour it, a game environment filled with the companionship and immersion you were looking for in one of the infinitely persistent games? Want a game that starts right off in a stellar empire where you have an active and robust homeworld with 5 star fleet engines poised to jump to nearby worlds through a newly discovered Stargate?

Want a deep and engaging science fiction game experience with a point to it? One that you can satisfyingly sink your teeth into but that does end so you can start over? Where, within 4 or 5 turns, you are deeply embroiled in the development of a newly forming galactic empire, and no one is any further along then you are? A game world not filled with hordes of faceless people but other Starlords who you will really come to know? Where there is no need for "leveling" and no senseless bunny-killing "treadmills" and you can play to your own schedule? And when eventually, while it's still fun, your game universe ends so you can try out your new skills in a brand new unique Universe with other veteran Starlords?

Are you looking for something more than adolescent murder games, where competition doesn't automatically mean combat and there are depths and degrees of diplomacy, alliance and friendship to resolve the missions of your competing fellow Starlords?

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