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Knights of the Cross


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Knights of the Cross - PC
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Knights of the Cross

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Knights of the Cross is a strategic game based upon true historical facts from the famous Polish novel wrote by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The events of the game take place in the 15th century, the period before and after the battle of Tannenberg (Grünwald) in the year 1410, one of most important battles of medieval history and one of great importance for both Polish and German history. A Knight of the Cross is the name of the Germanic Order of Teutonic Knights (their actual title was "The Order of Knights of the Hospital of St. Mary of the Teutons in Jerusalem). This monastic order of knightly Crusaders, having left the holy land, was empowered by Pope Clement III , and the Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick II, who in 1226, authorised these ‘crusaders’ to invade ‘pagan’ Poland, Lithuanian and Estonian lands to bring them back into the Catholic religion. In reality, they were out to carve a kingdom for themselves and reduce Poland to a vassal of the Holy Roman Emperor . The name of the warriors came from their appearance, white tunics and coats emblazoned with the black Teotonic crosses. The powerful army of the Christian Polish kingdom stood alone against these Knights of the Cross and their invasion based on land expansion.

You are one of these Christian lords choosing your side. As a knight you have your own army, making use of it in many missions given to you by your master - either : Vladislav V, King of Poland or The Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. The war between the German Teutonic Order and the Polish Kingdom is in itself a great challenge for each strategist. Each side of the conflict has its own unique set of armament and units; knowledge of weaknesses and strong points can be a decisive factor in winning the battle. Choose your favourite side and make use of its tactics, history and strategic skills. Can you, the player, change history by your strategy?

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