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  1. #1 PSX 95%
  2. Gran Turismo
  3. Release Date: 1998-05-01
  4. Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  5. Genre: Sports / Racing

  6. No description available....

  7. #2 PSX 95%
  8. Tekken 3
  9. Release Date: 1998-04-01
  10. Publisher: Namco
  11. Genre: Fighting

  12. A near arcade-perfect conversion of one of the best fighting games of all time, Tekken 3 is an essential PlayStation title that belongs in every gamer's library--especially now at its bargain-basement Greatest Hits price. While the one-on-one combat here is essentially two-dimensional, highly detailed 3-D character graphics and a roaming camera viewpoint give this game a distinctive 3-D look. Gameplay is fast and furious, with simple controls that are easy to learn. This game also allows for special moves and combos to be executed with r...

  13. #3 PSX 94%
  14. Metal Gear Solid
  15. Release Date: 1998-10-21
  16. Publisher: Konami
  17. Genre: Shooter / 3rd Person Shooter

  18. No Description Available....

  19. #4 PSX 93%
  20. Chrono Cross
  21. Release Date: 2000-08-15
  22. Publisher: SquareSoft
  23. Genre: RPG

  24. Sequel to the RPG hit CHRONO TRIGGER™, CHRONO CROSS expands on the excellent story-line of its predecessor and combines cutting edge graphics with a dynamic battle system making it one of the most highly anticipated RPG's of all time. ...

  25. #5 PSX 93%
  26. Gran Turismo 2
  27. Release Date: 1999-12-17
  28. Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  29. Genre: Sports / Racing

  30. Jump into one of over 400 cars in GRAN TURISMO 2 and put the pedal to the metal. Every one of the 400 cars emulates the qualities of their real-world counterparts, including authentic engine sounds. Several European and American auto makers have been included in this installment of the game, so it's likely you can find the car you drive and see how it performs against other vehicles. GRAN TURISMO 2 offers the automobile enthusiast the opportunity to drive a huge assortment of cars without spending money for gas....

  31. #6 PSX 93%
  32. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  33. Release Date: 1997-09-30
  34. Publisher: Konami
  35. Genre: Action / Adventure

  36. No Description Available....

  37. #7 PSX 92%
  38. Final Fantasy VII
  39. Release Date: 1997-08-31
  40. Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  41. Genre: RPG

  42. An evil and powerful corporation is slowly draining life from the planet in an effort to control the universe. However, a small rebellion, known as AVALANCHE, has vowed to put an end to this destructive plan. You take on the role of Cloud Strife, an ex-soldier of the evil Shinra corporation, who joins AVALANCHE as a selfish mercenary, but becomes much more involved in this mysterious epic of friendship, love, and the battle between good and evil. ...

  43. #8 PSX 92%
  44. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
  45. Release Date: 2000-09-18
  46. Publisher: Activision
  47. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  48. Ride with the skills of Tony Hawk, the most recognized skateboarding pro of all time. Or, skate as one of 13 pros or create a character from scratch. Master signature pro moves and hundreds of new tricks including nose/tailslides, nose/bluntslides, lip tricks, nollies, manuals and more. Design your own dream park in Real-Time 3D, using a variety of ramps, funboxes, rails and more. Multiple play modes include 1-player career and free skate modes as well as 2-player modes such as trick attack, graffiti, tag and horse. Ride to a killer soundtra...

  49. #9 PSX 92%
  50. Final Fantasy IX
  51. Release Date: 2000-11-13
  52. Publisher: SquareSoft
  53. Genre: RPG

  54. Dark times have spread over the world of Gaia. Four separate governing nations, some blinded by their short-sighted greed, some persevering in the name of justice, are battling on and off in a deadly game for power. One kingdom, that of Lindblum, headed by the honorable and trustworthy Regent Cid, finally decides to take a stand against the unspeakable massacres by the troops of Alexandria. Enlisting the aid of mere bandits to kidnap Princess Garnet of the Alexandria Empire, for information and interrogation, Garnet and her bodyguard actuall...

  55. #10 PSX 92%
  56. Street Fighter Alpha 3
  57. Release Date: 1999-05-06
  58. Publisher: Capcom
  59. Genre: Fighting

  60. The Arcade mode is a direct translation of the arcade version with added special effects during hit sequences. This mode offers truly flawless arcade gameplay. Versus Mode allows you to select all playable characters. New to the Alpha series is the World Tour Mode, a special game mode designed for the PlayStation that allows you to select a main character to fight opponents throughout the world.Street Fighter Alpha 3 dares you to master a multitude of new moves, specials, and super combos....