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Worst 100 PlayStation Games

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  1. #1 PSX 26%
  2. McGrath vs Pastrana Motocross
  3. Release Date: 2000-11-05
  4. Publisher: Acclaim
  5. Genre: Unknown

  6. No Description Available....

  7. #2 PSX 26%
  8. KISS Pinball
  9. Release Date: 2001-04-26
  10. Publisher: Take2 Interactive
  11. Genre: Arcade

  12. Kiss Pinball is an outrageous, arcade-style world where you get ahead by outsmarting the guards, stockpiling your weapon collection, and releasing tormented souls. Knock down targets at each concert stop to light mystery awards, get backstage passes, and increase score to gain power. ...

  13. #3 PSX 28%
  14. Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
  15. Release Date: 2000-06-30
  16. Publisher: Midway
  17. Genre: Fighting

  18. Take on the role of Mortal Kombat® character Jax, as you descend into the realm of Mortal Kombat in search of arch- villain, Kano. As you make your way through the game, you will delve deeper into one of the most interesting and enigmatic stories in the Mortal Kombat universe. Battle your way through complex 3D levels. Destroy your enemies using never-before-seen special moves and combos, all leading to an unforeseen climactic ending. ...

  19. #4 PSX 28%
  20. Sammy Sosa Softball Slam
  21. Release Date: 2000-03-01
  22. Publisher: 3DO
  23. Genre: Sports / Baseball

  24. No Description Available....

  25. #5 PSX 32%
  26. Burstrick Wake Boarding
  27. Release Date: 2001-03-02
  28. Publisher: Natsume
  29. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  30. Burstrick brings the popular extreme sport of wake boarding to the Sony PlayStation game console for the first time. Navigate through six hairy obstacle courses, picking up points while pulling gravity defying wake to wake tricks. Run through the Trick mode tournament to prove you are the trick master!...

  31. #6 PSX 32%
  32. Motocross Mania
  33. Release Date: 2001-07-19
  34. Publisher: Take2 Interactive
  35. Genre: Sports / Extreme

  36. Motorcross Mania puts you in the saddle of a high-powered motorcycle and into the white-knuckle world of a Motorcross raceway. From the opening menu you can choose which class of motorcycle you'd like to race (125, 250 and 400cc engines) and which game mode you'd like to race. Time Attack makes the clock and yourself your only opponents while Quick-Start and Championship Modes pit you against other motorcross racers. In Championship Mode, you will have the opportunity to win cash prizes with some solid racing. Between races you can use these wi...

  37. #7 PSX 32%
  38. WCW Backstage Assault
  39. Release Date: 2000-11-07
  40. Publisher: Electronic Arts
  41. Genre: Sports / Wrestling

  42. No Description Available....

  43. #8 PSX 33%
  44. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
  45. Release Date: 2000-12-13
  46. Publisher: Ubisoft
  47. Genre: Action / Adventure

  48. Based on the animated film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, this game has you taking the role of Dark Knight, Batman of the future, to save Gotham City from the Joker. This side-scrolling game features hand-to-hand combat--you can explore the 16 levels in four gothic worlds to find ways to sneak up on your enemies, too. Use five different Batsuits--including attack, defense, and high jump--plus use 10 Batman gadgets, including magnetic nunchaku, smoke bombs, Dark Knight shield, retractable wings, and Dark Knight discus. Take care of Joker's ...

  49. #9 PSX 33%
  50. Beyblade
  51. Release Date: 2002-12-05
  52. Publisher: Crave
  53. Genre: Unknown

  54. Beyblade is the extreme sports experience where every fan can become an active competitor using strategy to build and customize their battle equipment in pursuit of becoming the World Beyblade Champion. To hardcore Beybladers, their world revolves around Beystadium where the battle for supremacy is played out. Each Beyblade is as unique as its owner, involving the custom assembly of five key parts – The Bit Chip, Attack Ring, Weight Disk, Spin Gear and Blade Base. The only way to see who’s “Beyblade” has the ultimate power is to match them up f...

  55. #10 PSX 34%
  56. Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22
  57. Release Date: 2003-03-26
  58. Publisher: Atari
  59. Genre: Action / Adventure

  60. Calling all Dragon Ball Z® fans and collectors! The Japanese blockbuster is here! An international smash hit, this vintage Dragon Ball Z® fighter features 22 famed DBZ warriors that players can select to recreate epic, one-on-one Dragon Ball Z® battles. Easy to play but tough to master, this long-awaited classic offers match-ups from the Buu™, Frieza® and Android Sagas. Experience the DBZ game that has thrilled fans all over the world!...