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Worst 100 Xbox 360 Games

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  1. #1 XBOX360 22%
  2. Ride to Hell Retribution
  3. Release Date: 2013-06-25
  4. Publisher: Deep Silver
  5. Genre: Action / Adventure

  6. Following an intense tour of duty, Jake Conway returns home from Vietnam to find his brother brutally murdered by a notorious biker gang known as the "Devil's Hand". Obsessed with getting payback, Jake begins his journey hell bent on destruction, intent to catch his brother's killers between the crosshairs of reckoning and vengeance. Set within the 60's legendary era of anarchy, Ride to Hell Retribution is a gritty and raw action adventure that encourages players to open up the throttle and rule the highways as they ride a warpath to revenge....

  7. #2 XBOX360 28%
  8. Fast & Furious: Showdown
  9. Release Date: 2013-05-21
  10. Publisher: Activision
  11. Genre: Driving / Action

  12. Become a part of the Crew. Strap in and get ready for an intense ride as you team up to take down a dangerous international gang that can only be stopped by you and the rest of the ...

  13. #3 XBOX360 28%
  14. Crazy Mouse
  15. Release Date: 2008-10-15
  16. Publisher: Microsoft
  17. Genre: Arcade

  18. Crazy Mouse, the first original Xbox LIVE® Arcade title from mainland China, is a class arcade-style action game. Easy to pick up but tough to beat, Crazy Mouse features unique, funny characters and highly addictive gameplay. More than 30 single-player levels provide a variety of action and strategic challenges, and 16 multiplayer levels ratchet up the fun by supporting cooperative, competitive, tournament, and ranked play. Crazy Mouse is always a party, whether you're playing online or alone! * Inviting gameplay: Crazy Mouse features easy p...

  19. #4 XBOX360 29%
  20. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
  21. Release Date: 2009-03-31
  22. Publisher: Codemasters
  23. Genre: Action / Adventure

  24. The original Larry is now a movie mogul, but he’s got a problem…the studio across the road always seem to know what he’s making: there must be a mole in the studio! Uncle Larry turns to you, his nephew, Larry Lovage - to solve the mystery, after all, no-one would suspect a guy working in the mail room right? You must uncover the identity of the mole… the very existence of the studio depends upon it! What could possibly go wrong? * Hot Hollywood voice talent from; Carmen Electra (Scary Movie) & Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) * Explor...

  25. #5 XBOX360 30%
  26. Jumper
  27. Release Date: 2008-02-12
  28. Publisher: Brash
  29. Genre: Action / Adventure

  30. ANYWHERE IS POSSIBLE "Jump" through time and space and live without boundaries. You are Griffin, a teenager who can teleport and who is hellbent on avenging the death of his parents. Hunt down and slay the relentless Paladins, and find your vengeance....

  31. #6 XBOX360 30%
  32. Rogue Warrior
  33. Release Date: 2009-12-01
  34. Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  35. Genre: Shooter / FPS

  36. Rogue Warrior is a story-driven shooter that provides team-based tactical combat set in massive, contiguous levels using Unreal 3 streaming technology. Central to the game's single and multiplayer experience is the idea of a freeform battlefield, where players are given the freedom to choose how to complete a given objective, allowing for creativity and surprises, rather than heavily scripted events and tightly contained spaces traditionally used in this genre. An advanced AI system allows NPCs to react and fight realistically, see and hear ...

  37. #7 XBOX360 31%
  38. Dark
  39. Release Date: 2013-07-09
  40. Publisher: Kalypso Media
  41. Genre: Action / Adventure

  42. DARK is a stealth action game with RPG elements that lets you slip into the role of the ultimate killer a vampire! Stalk your enemies from the shadows, and then use powerful vampire abilities to attack and silently dispatch them. The exciting story of DARK immerses you in a world full of blood and darkness, in which the hunter can become the hunted at any time. As you unravel the mystery behind the global conglomerate that seems omnipresent and all-powerful, continually improve your character by developing powerful skills to aid you in remainin...

  43. #8 XBOX360 32%
  44. Self-Defense Training Camp
  45. Release Date: 2011-11-11
  46. Publisher: Ubisoft
  47. Genre: Sports

  48. Confidence. Empowerment. Strength. Get a great workout while learning proven self-defense skills. Through a variety of self-defense drills, fitness workouts, and fun mini-games, you will learn secrets to escaping dangerous situations. Get empowered while you get in shape!...

  49. #9 XBOX360 33%
  50. Hulk Hogan's Main Event
  51. Release Date: 2011-10-11
  52. Publisher: Majesco Games
  53. Genre: Sports / Wrestling

  54. Get off the couch and rule the ring in the first full-body wrestling game on Kinect for Xbox 360! In Hulk Hogan's Main Event, Hulkamaniacs train with wrestling superstar and icon Hulk Hogan himself. As your mentor, Hulk will help you build your own wrestling personality and school you in the art of showmanship to win over the crowd. Entertain roaring fans with stunts, combos, and hard hits that will knock your opponent to the mat. The crazier and wilder your motions, the more high impact your wrestling performance is in your living room rin...

  55. #10 XBOX360 33%
  56. Yie Ar Kung-Fu
  57. Release Date: 2007-07-18
  58. Publisher: Konami
  59. Genre: Fighting

  60. Oolong has spent his entire life training for the Martial Arts Championship. The Championship has attracted masters of different disciplines, all fighting to be named champion. In Yie Ar Kung-Fu®, Oolong must use his own fighting moves and face masters of the throwing shuriken, nunchaku, bo, chain, and more to fulfill his destiny. With enhanced graphics, hand-painted backgrounds, and new achievements, this classic fighting game is sure to test your skills. Will you fight like a tiger or run away in shame? * Classic gameplay: Authentic origin...